Greatmail Develops MxGrid SMTP Service

Greatmail now offers an easy to use SMTP service, MxGrid, for high volume email applications. MxGrid eliminates the need to set up a domain for high volume sending and seamlessly adds DKIM signing and SPF authentication to all outbound messages.

MxGrid is a lightweight SMTP solution that provides clients with an outgoing server, user name and password to connect to Greatmail’s SMTP mail servers. The service is compatible with any mail program that supports SMTP including popular mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird as well as Apple mail programs. MxGrid can also be used as the SMTP server for web based applications like Interspire’s Email Marketer.

MxGrid evolved out of an emerging demand from customers requiring a simple SMTP service for high volume mailing applications. Cloud developers, email marketers and anyone sending transactional messages can all take advantage of this service.

One of the main concerns of SMTP customers is maintaining their business identity in their mailings. MxGrid solves this problem by allowing users to specify addresses at their primary domain in the message From: and Reply-To: headers. The only references to MxGrid are behind the scenes in the message Return-Path and SMTP authentication headers.

MxGrid customers must agree to follow CAN-SPAM guidelines and adhere to industry standard double opt-in permission based sending. In addition, customers must remove addresses from unsubscribe requests and undeliverable messages. In the event a client’s mailings generate a high percentage of ISP feedback complaints or result in a blacklisting, Greatmail will immediately terminate the user’s service.

To learn more, please visit our MXGrid SMTP Service page.