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Privacy Policy

Registration Information

As part of the new user registration process, we collect certain required contact information including an existing email address, a first name and a last name. These items are used to generate a registration code that is required to authenticate the creation of a new email account. Additionally, this information is stored and may be used to verify a user's identity in the case of a lost password. This information may also be used to contact the user in the event of technical support and/or service upgrades.

Email Data

We do not mine email data that is stored or relayed through our servers in any way. We do not scan email content for marketing or advertising purposes. We do not use the information contained in any emails for building profiles of users or businesses.

We do not share or distribute email content (including email addresses, subjects and body text) and data transferred via Greatmail in the form of attachments in any other way than to deliver such content to the user's requested recipient. We do not redistribute or sell email addresses from user address books or user registrations. All email content is strictly confidential and is intended to be controlled solely by the sender and/or recipients.

In the case of criminal activities pertaining to a user's mail data, we cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies and disclose mail data as required by law.

SSL Encryption

Greatmail recommends and provides SSL encryption for users to connect to our servers from their computers and/or mobile devices. Greatmail's SSL encryption provides a layer of protection from eavesdropping for connections made between the Greatmail user and our servers. Since we cannot guarantee that recipients and senders using other service providers are using secure connections, we do not recommend transmission of security sensitive data via email.